Fea Agricultural Estate is situated in Calosso, a small town deep in the green hills of Monferrato, earth of Moscato and of great wines. The surrounding landscape has a particular charm: from one side, you can see rows and rows of grapevines; to the other side it is possible to glimpse the irregular and rugged territory of the Langhe.

In the early 1960s, in this silence, where everything is marked by the succession of seasons, was created the agricultural estate, thanks to the sacrifices and to the will of Giulio to let the love for this earth known by means of wine. Wine made for passion, desire to improve it, to make it unique as unique has been the capacity and the joy to transfer one own attachment to these hills to his son-in-law, Giuseppe, actual owner of the estate.

Giuseppe, in early 1990s, decided to leave his job in order to completely commit to the new wine activity, learning the tricks of the trade from his father-in-law. A glass of our wine keeps the ancient experience of who has started doing it and the continuity of who has believed in his own capacity to let known and appreciated to the other what these vineyards represent from time immemorial: the aim of their own life.